2020 Fidelity Ryder Cup at Thunder Hills

2020 Fidelity Ryder Cup


The top four point-getters in each age division qualified for the Fidelity Ryder Cup Event at Thunder Hills Country Club. The event is a team format, featuring a 2-person best ball on the front nine and individual match play on the back nine. Team A and Team B were formed to model the competitive match play format seen in the Ryder and Solheim Cups from the best in the world. While Tiger, Rory, Wie, or Gulbis were not seen walking the Thunder Hills grounds, the competitiveness shown by DAJT players was evident. Many spoke of the refreshing aspect of the match play format, as most summer tournaments are individual stroke play events.


Another unique Ryder Cup rule change is the player’s right to bring a caddy. Players called upon their parents, grandparents, friends, and even fellow DAJT competitors. Tyler Skritich, competing in the 12-13 division, had his friend Jackson Webber on the bag for him. Webber narrowly missed a spot in the Ryder Cup in the boys 14-15 division, but happily volunteered to loop for Skritich. The youngest Caddie in the field was Vincent Ball. The 10-11 division player looped for Brock Wilson, the 2nd highest point getter in the boys 14-15 division.


After the front 9 partner best ball matches, Team B held an 8-6 over Team A. In the singles matches, Team B ran away with the event, tallying a final score of 17 to team A's 11. 


The end of the Ryder Cup marks a close to the 2020 DAJT season. While unlikely at the start, PGA professionals, local sponsors, parents, and players rallied around the simple, yet powerful concept that golf is a sport for all, and is a safe and positive outlet during the darkest of times in the world. Apart from the lack of handshakes, fist bumps, and large groups congregating after the round, the course served as an oasis from the outside world. If even for a few hours, giving that release to junior players is priceless. Thank you to all for a terrific season!


Full results are listed below.


Team Matches:

Vaassen/Nabb def. Stelzer Splinter 2&1

Hawkins/Stackis def. Kalb/Vaassen 3&1

Coohey/Sigwarth def. Wilson Martineau 4&3

Kirsch/Ball def. Kalb/Fangmann 4&2

Dolter/Walsh def. Skritich/Webber 1UP

Martineau/Smith def. Carroll/Reed 2&1

Wilson/Smith def. Splinter/Stackis 5&4                                            

Individual Matches

Stelzer def. B. Vaassen 5&3

 N. Splinter def. N. Nabb 3&2

 M. Stackis def. K Vaassen 1UP

 Anna Kalb def. M. Hawkins 2&1

 W. Sigwarth def. R. Martineau 1UP

 W. Coohey def. B. Wilson 3&2

 B. Kirsch def. Ava Kalb 3&1

 C. Ball def. N. Fangmann 2&1

 A. Wilson def. A. Splinter 4&3

 C. Smith def. R. Stackis 3&2

 B. Dolter def. B. Webber 1UP

 T. Skritich def. C. Walsh 3&2

 B. Reed def. C. Smith 3&1

 C. Martineau def. B. Carroll 2&1


Overall Results:

Team A: 11                

Team B:  17