Dubuque Area Junior Tour Social Distancing Guidelines

Below are the social distancing guidelines for all Dubuque Area Junior Tour (DAJT) events. These guidelines are based on recommendations from the WHO, CDC and local, state and federal governments. These guidelines may change as we progress though the season. Players who disregard these guidelines may be subject to disqualification and/or suspension from the tour.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed at all times:
• Do not play if you feel sick, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.
• Stay at least six (6) feet away from anyone at all times.
• Do not touch or handle supplies or equipment that is not yours.
• Players should have no more than four (4) spectators at any event.
• Spectator carts may or may not be available, depending on the facility.
• Sanitizer for players will be provided upon check-in or at starting holes.

Before Your Tee Time

• Players are not allowed on property until 45 minutes prior to their assigned starting time.
• All players should proceed to the provided check-in table upon their arrival at the facility.
• At check-in, players will receive their tee gift, rules sheet and scorecard only – no other supplies will be provided. Players will be responsible for bringing their own tees, pencils and other supplies they might need.

• Juniors are asked to limit their range warmup time to no more than 20 minutes.
• Juniors are asked to limit their putting green practice time to no earlier than 20 minutes prior to their tee time, and lasting no more than 15 minutes.
• The practice putting green may have limits on the number of players allowed at one time, depending on size.

Immediately Prior To Tee Time
• Juniors should arrive to the 1st tee area within 10 minutes of their starting time. Please stay at least 6 feet from anyone while waiting.
• Juniors should not shake hands either before or after play.
• Juniors will keep their own score, as well as the score of another player in the group. Players should clearly announce their score to each other after the completion of each hole.

During The Round

Social Distancing
• Players should maintain six feet of separation at all times, especially the teeing area and putting green.
• If there is a backup or delay, please stay at least 30 feet from other groups.
• Water coolers, ball washers, benches, bunker rakes and other convenience items should have been removed from the facility, but if not please do not use them.
• The hole may have foam or other methods to keep the ball from falling to the bottom – during play, players must not touch or remove the flagstick or any other devices used to keep the ball up in the cup.
• Water may not be available on the course – players should bring water with them for their round.
• Players should find alternate methods of acknowledgement other than handshakes after their round (nod, tip of the cap, or wave, for instance).

Severe Weather
• During a stoppage of play due to weather, juniors will be asked to return to their vehicles if available, or if not, they will be instructed where to go within the clubhouse.
• Juniors should continue to follow six-foot spacing guidelines and limit touchpoints while indoors.
• An announcement will be made when it is safe to return to the course.

After The Round

• There will be a scoring area available after play, with the location varying by facility. Players should proceed there immediately after play.
• Players will not exchange cards, instead they will verbally confirm the hole-by-hole scores with playing partners and staff members. The staff member will record the hole-by-hole scores for each player and read them back.
• Once each player has had their score recorded, they will leave their scorecard at the table.
• Any required rulings will take place away from the scoring area.

After Scoring
• Once scoring has been completed, please leave the facility as quickly as possible.
• Depending on the facility, a Grab-and-Go lunch may be available at that time.
• All ties will be broken by scorecard playoff.
• Results will be available online after all play has been completed. Awards will be available for pickup at the following event, or an event later in the year.